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New York City Photography

Hello from New York City! I am absolutely in love with this place and I think I fit right in. (At least I think I do....but everyone keeps asking me if I'm lost.) So far I have been exploring the train system, taking a tonne of photos and shadowing a photographer. I'm still not sure if I'm jet-lagged or if I am just extremely sleep deprived. I've been getting 5 hours or less of can I sleep in this amazing city. There is so much to see and do; every moment I get I want to be outside looking at everything.

The photographer I am working with is amazing. Seeing how she works and runs her set has been such an enrichment to my development as a photographer. (Again, I can't stress how much I love learning from other people.)

I have been mostly shooting on my Minolta Maxxam 7000 and the suspense of developing these rolls is too much to bear! I'm so excited it's unreal. I love film because I often do not remember what I shot on vacations and that usually leaves a mystery from me to decipher in the near future.

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