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Emily Schouten is a Fashion and Fine Art photographer who was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Emily began her love for photography at a young age when she commandeered her father's Minolta Maxxum 7000. She made her start in high school as one of the school's 2 sports photographers. Following high school, she dove into internships and work experience while studying English and Anthropology at Grant MacEwan. She then went on to complete NAIT’s Photographic Technology Program. During her study she completed many internships with local fashion and editorial photographers. Her final internship took place in New York City where she finalized her thesis with the help of her mentor.


Her latest project is a study on the 1972 Yamaha LS2 that was rebuilt by her husband shot on 35mm film. Her photography has been shown at the Art Gallery of Alberta, Scott Gallery, Latitude 53 Gallery, Garneau Theatre, The Citadel Theatre, and Augustana U of A Campus.


Emily is an avid travel enthusiast and always carries a 35mm camera on vacation. She enjoys solo road trips and getting lost in a new place. She is a classically trained pianist, a foodie, and a gamer.

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5 Artists 1 Love

The Citadel Theatre


5 Artists 1 Love

The Citadel Theatre


5 Artists 1 Love

The Citadel Theatre

Art Gallery of Alberta

Scott Gallery

Garneau Theatre

Latitude 53 Gallery

Augustana U of A

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