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Photographic Thesis 2016

One of the major projects I had to complete for photography school is a photographic thesis. The assignment was to create a body of work on a topic of your choice. We focused on lighting, composition, and impact.

My topic was "Sex Appeal" and my goal was to create the North American stereotypical idea of what sex appeal is. This project was fairly challenging because I wanted to hand pick my models. I selected models based on their features and their natural appeal. The majority of my models were chosen because I liked the way they looked and not because they were trained models. I like the natural emotions that untrained models express. My friend, Sydney (Left) is a good example of having a natural appeal to her. Sydney has such a sweet demeanour, and a personality to match, which is why I asked her to model for me.

Below are 3 of my other favourite images from my thesis. (Left-Right: Elaina Smith, Dafydd Thomas, Maxwell Volante). Working with the models on my thesis was such a pleasure and I gained so much experience from them all. The trained models taught me how to pose models and the untrained models taught me how to express my ideas clearly (with help from some mood boards).

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